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    "You saved me so much time and effort in finding employment, what a life saver! I'm now working for a major online medical transcription company. Now I can truly enjoy the freedoms of working from home, earn a great income and spend more time with my family." -- Lisa 


So many people think that you need to spend thousands of dollars to get a good Medical Transcription education that will end in a job. I think with your books and a good dictionary you can get just as good a grasp for much less. You have always answered any questions promptly and I thank you for that.  Have a great day! -- Diane


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Medical Transcriptionist Course Textbook

Students will read real-world contribution from medical transcription practitioners and physicians.  In fact, the text is a compilation of writings by CMTs, MT practitioners, and physicians who have played important roles in the medial transcription profession.  On the accompanying CD, students will be able to transcribe reports from authentic physician’s dictation.

The combination of coordinated medical readings with transcription practice in the related specialty or body system is a sound teaching methodology unequaled by other products at this level.  This approach has been refined over time to provide medical transcription training that enables students who successfully complete this medical transcriptionist course to transcribe for physicians and clinics. 

A unique feature of this textbook is the inclusion of abundant essays and commentary, many of them humorous or light-hearted, from physicians and MTs in the field.  These features may be included as medical content, boxed sidebars, and the Spotlight on transcription in each chapter.  Students will be exposed to a variety of voices from the past and present community of medical transcriptionists.  Though varied, these voices present a unified picture of medical transcription as a fulfilling and rewarding career choice. 

The course is divided into two parts.  Part One consists of three chapters that introduce students to the fundamentals of medical transcription.  Part Two consists of 14 chapters, each addressing a specialty or body system.  The specialty/body system approach for transcription training is a proven effective strategy that incorporates coordinated reading and learning activities combined with hands-on transcription practice of progressive difficulty. 

Color has been added to this NEW edition, both to the text and to the illustrations.  Four-color illustrations abound through-out.  The number of illustrations used in this edition is nearly quadrupled over the previous edition.

Additional Features of the Textbook

  • Spotlights provide a glimpse into the practice of transcribing in each specialty, and Transcription Tips offer hand suggestions to improve accuracy and avoid the error traps students and new MTs often encounter.
  • Proofreading Skills provide students with the opportunity to practice correction of style, spelling, and grammar errors--important skills for the medical transcriptionist.
  • Skills Challenge offers various end-of-chapter exercises to reinforce content.  Bloopers provide a light touch and point out humorous yet common errors made in transcription.
  • Sample Reports offer model transcribed reports prepared according to the recommendations of the AAMT Book of Style for Medical Transcription, 2nd ed. and Transcription Practice prompts students to apply concepts by transcribing the accompanying dictation.

Perhaps the most important component of this course is the unique combination of authentic physician dictation by medical specialty, coordinated readings and exercises by medical specialty, and the supplementary information vital to every medical transcription student.  Men and women physicians and regional and foreign accents have been included.  It is only by transcribing actual medical dictation that a student develops the selective hearing skills and experience necessary to gain competency as a medical transcriptionist. 


Chapter 1 Medical Fundamentals of Medical Transcription
Chapter 2 Perspectives on Medical Transcription
Chapter 3 Style Guide

Chapter 4 Dermatology
Chapter 5 Otorhinolaryngology
Chapter 6 Ophthalmology
Chapter 7 Pulmonary Medicine
Chapter 8 Cardiology/Hematology
Chapter 9 Gastroenterology
Chapter 10 Endocrinology
Chapter 11 Urology/Nephrology
Chapter 12 Obstetrics & Gynecology
Chapter 13 Orthopedics
Chapter 14 Neurology
Chapter 15 Psychiatry
Chapter 16 Pathology
Chapter 17 Radiology

For complete details on other materials included in the Future MT course please click on each of the following links.

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