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    "You saved me so much time and effort in finding employment, what a life saver! I'm now working for a major online medical transcription company. Now I can truly enjoy the freedoms of working from home, earn a great income and spend more time with my family." -- Lisa 


So many people think that you need to spend thousands of dollars to get a good Medical Transcription education that will end in a job. I think with your books and a good dictionary you can get just as good a grasp for much less. You have always answered any questions promptly and I thank you for that.  Have a great day! -- Diane


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  Medical Transcription Industry News

The economy for careers and jobs is ever moving. At any time there are those professions that are gaining in popularity and others on the decline. In the 1980s computer programming was a profession that was excpected to see huge growth into the foreseeable future. Today, medical transcription is a career choice that many people can rely on as a wise decision, with a future as bright as anything.

Why is medical transcription such a thriving business? Why are their opportunities in this field?

Plain and simple, there are 300,000 job openings for medical transcriptionists and they need to be filled. When you consider what a necessary and important role medical transcriptionsists play, you'll see why it's a growing profession. These professionals take dictation for busy medical professions and a qualified medical transcriptionist can work anywhere in the world. It truly is a mobile profession.

If you find yourself in a profession that is declining in importance, get out while you can. Learn a new skill and take up a profession that has growth opportunities into the foreseeable future. Medical transcription is a good choice.

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