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  Medical Transcription Industry News
Urology is the branch of medicine that deals with the urinary tract and its various diseases and treatments for those diseases. Urologists, like all medical specialists, have their own language. If you are a medical transcriptionist, or plan to be an MT, working for a urologist, then you'll need to learn the terminology. Here are ten medical terms associated with urology that every medical transcriptionist should know.

  1. Bladder - The internal organ that stores urine until it is released from the body.
  2. Catheter - A tube that is used to drain fluids from the body by inserting it into body parts or cavities.
  3. Cystocele - A herniation of the bladder that extends into the vagina.
  4. Diuretic - A drug that increases the amount of water in the urine for the purpose of removing excess water from the body.
  5. Hydrocele - A swelling of the scrotum caused by too much fluid around the testicle.
  6. Nephrectomy - An operation where the kidney is removed.
  7. Overactive Bladder - A condition characterized by involuntary bladder muscle contractions.
  8. Pyuria - Pus in the urine, which is usually caused by a kidney or urinary tract infection.
  9. Stress Test - A test that requires a patient to lift something or perform an exercise in order to show whether stress on the bladder causes unnecessary urine leakage.
  10. Transient Urinary Incontinence - Temporary urinary incontinence that leaves when the cause is treated.

This is just a small sample of medical terms associated with urology. Your online medical transcription course textbook will cover more terms you need to know.
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