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  Medical Transcription Industry News
Another medical specialty with its own medical terms is radiology. Radiology labs speak their own language and if you'll perform medical transcription services for these labs you'll need to learn the terminology. Here are ten radiology terms you need to know as a medical transcriptionist.

  1. Angioplasty - A procedure using a small balloon inserted into a blood vessel to open up a blockage inside the vessel.
  2. Diagnostic Radiology - Methods of diagnosis that do not involve invasive techniques; these include MRIs, X-rays, CT scans, and ultrasound, to name a few.
  3. Embolization - A technique of inserting a substance into the bloodstream using a catheter in order to stop hemorrhaging. 
  4. Gastrostomy Tube - A tube inserted into the stomach to feed a patient that can't take food into the mouth.
  5. Interventional Radiology - A subspecialty that uses techniques using wires, tubes, and other instruments inside the patient to make medical diagnoses.
  6. Linear Accelerator (LINOC) - The use of high-energy X-rays for radiation therapy.
  7. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) - A procedure using large magnets, radio frequencies, and computer images of bodily organs to diagnose medical conditions.
  8. Opacified - Unable to be illuminated or identified by X-ray radiation.
  9. Ultrasound - The use of high-frequency sound waves to create images of internal body organs in order to diagnose a medical condition.
  10. X-ray - The use of invisible electromagnetic beams to create images of the body and internal organs.

This is just a small sampling of radiological medical terms. More medical terms will be covered in your medical transcription course textbook. It is important to understand medical terms as a medical transcriptionist so that you can produce accurate medical documents.
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